Odin’s Ravens Available to Kickstart!

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Odin’s Ravens, a 2-player card game being revised by Works, Ltd, is available to Kickstart.  Tom Vasel, from the Dice Tower, states, “Without a doubt, it’s one of the best two player games I’ve ever played.”

Each morning Odin sends the ravens Hugin and Munin to race over the world of Midgard and report back what they have seen.  The first to return wins Odin’s favor, but any cunning corvid has a few tricks in store and these are the two most brilliant birds in Middle Earth.

Odin’s Ravens is a two player board game, originally published in Germany, garnishing praise for its lively card duels and replay value.  The game has been out of print for over a decade and fetches high second-hand prices.

Works Ltd. is proud to present to Kickstarter the newly revised Second Edition of Odin’s Ravens by Thorsten Gimmler.



  • 40 Midgard cards
  • 25 Hugin flight cards
  • 8 Hugin action cards
  • 25 Munin flight cards
  • 8 Munin action cards
  • 2 Raven meeples
  • Rulebook

Cards are laid out from the Midgard deck to form the shifting and flowing landscape that the ravens will race over.  Each raven has two decks to draw their hand from, flight cards and action cards.  Flight cards allow the raven to proceed down the path.  Action cards are used to manipulate the path, boost your raven, or throw your opponent for loops.  Each raven must race to the end of the path and then return on the opposite side, so timing your actions is crucial.


In the decade since it was first published, Thorsten Gimmler has revised the original game rules.  The changes have been introduced to streamline teaching the game to new players and to simplify the end game, without sacrificing the challenge or choices available during play.  This makes the game quicker to get to the table and easier to score.


We have decided to launch the Odin’s Ravens Kickstarter project with the component quality maxed out, rather than have stretch goals to upgrade subpar components later.  We are proud of this game and want it to ship to you with lasting, high quality components right out of the box.


The raven meeples are custom made from New Zealand pine.  The cards will be 300gsm bluecore casino quality with linen embossing.  The box will be made with UV coated art paper stock to stand the test of time.  Full color rule book with detailed illustrations and a color printed box insert to organize the bits.

To learn more and fund the project, you can click here.




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