A Preview of Elder Sign Expansion

unseen forces

Fantasy Flight Games has provided a preview of their upcoming expansion to Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s successful cooperative dice-rolling spin of Arkham Horror – Elder Sign.  This expansion, named Unseen Forces, adds quite a bit to the game.

In Unseen Forces, the upcoming first expansion for Elder Sign, investigators old and new return to the museum to complete adventures in an attempt to keep the Ancient Ones from awakening. Mysterious forces are at work, as horrifying new monsters and dangerous new Mythos cards collude to unleash ruin on the investigators. As they venture through the museum, investigators may find themselves blessed as they work to finish tasks and complete adventures. Good fortune may not last long; a curse may be waiting just around the next corner.

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When brave investigators are rewarded with a blessing, they receive a Blessed card. While an investigator is blessed, he may add the white Blessed die along with the regular green dice and any additional dice being used in that adventure. The Blessed die is used exactly like the green, yellow, and red dice, giving a lucky investigator an extra result to aid him in his adventure. It stays in an investigator’s dice pool until it is used to complete a task, it is discarded, or the investigator’s turn ends.

An investigator remains Blessed so long as he appeases the mysterious forces – if an investigator should fail an adventure or be foolish enough to awaken an Ancient One, his blessed status is revoked. Of course, an investigator unlucky enough to have a curse visited upon him must discard his Blessed card as well.

Good fortune has its limits – an investigator may only have one Blessed card at a time. Those who manage to become Blessed a second time may instead choose a clue token or an item to assist them in their journey through the museum.

bless curse unseen forces

To find out more, click here to head on over to FFG’s website.

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